About Me

I’m a developer, gamer, railfan and entrepreneur based in my hometown Washington DC. I’ve always maintained my child like curiosity as to how this world and the universe overall works. I’ve always been fascinated with how the world works around me.

As a young kid I found interest in engineering, meteorology, astronomy and technology. My interest in technology remained constant and eventually grew into a career. I graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. This degree allowed me to take classes in business which would later come into handy when working in the corporate and government space. Looking back it was inevitable that I would be in the tech space. The first half of my life I was strictly a hardware guy, it wasn’t until College I actually started programming.

My Work

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Web Development Consulting

My company KES Consulting is focused on developing high quality web based solutions for small and medium sized businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. To learn more about our services and previous work please refer to the link below.

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Gaming in

My Gaming Industry Work

Over the past ten years plus, I’ve worked in various fields in the gaming space. Those various fields include education, esports and non-profit work. To learn more about my work please visit the link below.

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My Hobbies

Gaming Content

In my spare time I enjoy making content around video games under my gamertag NOTSERK (My name spelled backwards). As a gamer I enjoy genres such as First person shooters, Fighters, Action Adventure and racing games. My fav game franchises are Halo and Street Fighter respectively. My content includes livestreams, lets plays and other pieces of content.

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DC Metro Nerd

Being a railfan is my first and oldest passion. I’ve always been obsessed with the DC Metro and random facts about the system’s inception and how they built it over the years. My goal is to create a virtual museum full of archive photos and content centered around everything DC Metro.

Coming Soon